You are planning your trip to New York, but your children need to go with you. For most people, the first thing that comes to mind is that going to NY for a holiday with children is going to be a nightmare. What is there that can occupy the children so that you can both get a great holiday? The thing is that if you are traveling with young children, New York is the most recommended city. This is because of the variety of things that you can do with your children in New York. These are a couple of things that you can do with your children when you are going to New York.

American Museum of Natural History

Boys especially love the American Museum of natural history. This is something that they just love to see. However, this doesn’t mean that if you have only girls that you shouldn’t take them to this museum. Not only is it fun for them to walk around the museum, but they can actually learn something.

This isn’t a place where you should take toddlers, to because there might be things that can scare them. They will also not find this interesting as for the older kids and even teens.

Battery Park

Battery park is the one place where you all should go. This isn’t just a place for children. Adults can have a wonderful time viewing the most beautiful spot in New York. There are parks where the children can play and you will be able to find a food stall or two there.

If you are asking anyone about the one place that you should visit in NY, they will say that Battery Park is giving you an experience that you will not forget that easily.

Bronx Zoo

Bronx zoo is only for those that are willing to walk for miles. This zoo has some great, interesting animals that the children will love. This is one of the biggest zoos that you can find, and you will see animals that you will not see anywhere else.

The only thing is that your children can get tired of walking. So, making sure that you are prepared for the younger children is a good idea. You will not regret taking your children to the Bronx Zoo.

Kids to New York? Many might think that you are crazy. However, the one thing that they don’t know is that there are many activities for children and toddlers in NY. You should just do some homework and find out where some of the other, interesting places might be. With booking at the right hotel, you can take the children to their places during the day, and organize a babysitter at night, so that you can go out and have some great adult time.